Container Leasing

At ADL Group, we are a team of experts who rent and transport sea containers. You can rent our containers in various cities across the globe and use them for storage or shipping purposes.

We also let you rent our containers “one way” from anywhere in the world. We have access to many terminals and container depots, so we can deliver and collect containers without any geographical limits. And our friendly staff is always here to assist you with arranging the best container rental or transportation for your needs.



We are always ready to help our customers find the necessary volumes of containers at reasonable prices, despite the shortage that is usually observed in China. If you have containers in inconvenient locations for you, such as Chengdu or Xi’an, we can transport them to a convenient city for you in Europe, Russia or China.


We provide container rental services in most major cities in Europe. In Europe, there is often a surplus of containers that need to be returned to China as soon as possible. We provide transportation services for your equipment from Europe to China or Russia, ensuring reliable and fast delivery.


For the convenience of our customers, we provide services for renting and relocating containers not only in Europe, but also in Russia. We understand that the availability of containers in Russia may depend on the season, so we are ready to offer a solution in case you need to return your containers to China as soon as possible.